Gobo Lights

Founded in 2013 by experts in projectors, Gobostage is a company at emerging with a talented and professional art department that comes in fulfilling  the most demanding orders. Gobostage is a manufacturer and direct seller of metal and glass gobos, catalog or personalized, designed for the entertainment lighting and special event industries. We specialize in gobos for corporate identities, product launches, weddings, trade show exhibits, concerts, architectural applications branding, and anything you want to project.

Gobostage uses a large range of dichroic spot colors to brighten up and to add depth to your artwork using the highest etching quality available to create brilliant colors for your memorable event or permanent installation.

Our glass gobos are made from borosilicate glass with a special matt coating which can be etched away to reveal extremely fine details or even a photographic quality image. Glass gobos are recommended for most long-term installations as they are capable of withstanding great heat over periods of time without the image becoming distorted.

We manufacture a variety of gobos sizes to fit most popular luminaries. Refer to our size chart for any kind of assistance in determining the proper size for your projector.

Our goal is to reproduce your artwork as close to the original as possible and to provide great quality gobos at the most competitive prices.

Gobo Lights Quick Pricing Reference:

  • Stock Metal Gobo – £14
  • Stock Glass Gobo – £35
  • Custom Metal – £35 original – £18 each copy
  • Custom Glass – £60 original – £35 each copy
  • Custom Glass 1 Colour – £110 original – £70 each copy
  • Custom Glass 2 Colour – £175 original – £120 each copy
  • Custom Glass 3 Colour – £220 original – £150 each copy