What Gobo sizes do you make?

Gobostage manufactures gobos in any size, for any kind of gobo lighting instrument.

Can I see my Gobo before you make it?

Gobostage offers gobo proofs for free.

What if I don’t have any artwork?

Based on your information of desired design, our professional team graphic designers will create one for you.

Where do I upload the artwork?

The upload section is at our make an enquiry page or you can send us an email at info@gobostage.com.

How much is the shipping cost for my order?

We ship via UPS Express or UPS Express Saver at partnership prices, which vary from $20 up to $35 and shipping time starts from next day delivery up to two or three business days.

How much does a Gobo cost?

You can simply contact us or fill in your quote request and depends on your desired order we will give you the best price offer.

How long does it take to get a metal or a glass gobo?

Metal gobos manufacture time is 1 or 2 business days from approval plus 1-2 days for delivery. Glass gobos manufacture time depends on what type of gobo do you need ( BW, greyscale, 1 color, 2 colors, 3 colors or full color) starting from 2 business days up to 8 business days plus 1-2 days for delivery.

Can I get the Gobo faster, do you have rush delivery available?

Gobostage offers overnight 24 hours Rush service for $110.

What is the advantage of glass gobos?

There are multiple big advantages with glass gobos, the primary one is the absence of tabs which holds the image or inner parts pieces as is with a metal gobo. The result is that the image can be reproduced with very high resolution, sharpness and details.

How much are copies of custom metal or glass gobos?

We offer 30% discount of any copies of custom monochrome glass gobos .

If I have already paid, but I want order cancelled?

Cancelled orders are subject to a $20 cancellation fee.

Projection will look exactly like my artwork provided?

We do not guarantee the exact match of your colors in the resulting projection due to variations in the fixtures and projected surfaces. The color of a projected image will always vary from the print color as there is only limited control over the projection environment. The resulting projection color is influenced by factors such as ambient light fact, projection surface color and materials, and color temperature of the light bulb.