Gobos can be compared to lenses that would be placed on a gobo projector to make appear all sorts of pics, words or logo in high and very high quality.

Since all kinds of visuals can be reproduced on their surface to be projected, gobos are most of the time made of glass or metal and are extremely reliable as they do not distort the image on it.

Used for projection on buildings, concerts, fashion shows, weddings or even in industry, custom gobos can be reproduced in black and white or featuring one, two or several colors.

In order to make your gobo, Gobostage simply need its size and your lettering, logo, design, image, picture and so on.

Count one day for realization and one or two more days for expedition.

Gobo projection is one of our most popular services. It is perfect for wedding celebrations, corporate, and social events. This service lets us carefully project patterns, and in return gives your walls, ceiling or floors an elegant and fun focal point. Depending on your event’s lighting needs, gobos can perfectly produce the ambiance or mood you want by giving light textures like blotchy patterns or leaf patterns that shine through the trees. Other designs of gobos include street signs or light that streams in from a window. The pattern you choose will greatly impact the space and decor. Our gobo pattern  service is a great compliment and enhancement to any of our other lighting services.

Whether you are looking to cover up a plain boring wall or add some extra elegance to your wedding celebration, our gobo pattern wash is the right choice for your decor.

Whatever gobo pattern you want to incorporate in your production or event, you can have it.  We have nearly 50 different patterns in stock and can custom order just about anything else.  We can even use your own artwork, words, or a company logo to create custom gobos.

All our models are qualified to be performant and to adapt to the most exigent conditions. Discover, among our models as monogram gobo and many others, which gobo is made for you.